So-Cal to NY. Bliss.

she wants him to ram the soul out her body

The sexual tension is real and I’m pretty sure he knows…


still a fav

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We asked twenty strangers to kiss for the first time….

This guy knows his shit on how to kiss a girl.

Yes, he certainly does

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"Maybe people are right
Maybe exes can’t stay friends
Maybe it is too hard
Because it hurts too much to look at you and remember
And it hurts to remember loving you
And sneaking out and getting drunk with you
And not coming home until 6am and then sleeping for an hour before going to school
And aimlessly walking around the empty hallways with you everyday
And staying up all night talking to you
And falling asleep on the phone because I didn’t want to say goodbye
And fighting like an old married couple
And wishing we lived together
And saying we hated each other when we couldn’t admit we really loved each other
And giving each other that look that only we know
But then one day we weren’t the same
And we said we’d always stay friends
And people thought we were crazy
Because exes couldn’t stay friends
And they were right
Because it’s too hard to look at you and not remember
Because it’s too hard to forget loving you
And know that you no longer love me
Because you’ve changed
And so I realized that we’ve changed
Maybe we’re just in love with the memories"

Fuck :(

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I’d let Rob fuck the life out of me

"I crush her against me. I want to be part of her. Not just inside her but all around her. I want our rib cages to crack open and our hearts to migrate and merge. I want our cells to braid together like living thread."
Isaac Marion, Warm Bodies (

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